New IFB website, video highlight Adopt-A-Legislator

A new website and promotional video highlight Adopt-A-Legislator program.

Published on: Jan 12, 2013

     When state Rep. Rita Mayfield from suburban Chicago stepped onto her first hog farm, the experience was one she didn’t expect.

     “It was not what I expected at all. It wasn’t anything like what you expect from a pig farm. It was so well run. It was very clean,” Mayfield said. “It was a very great experience for me.”

      In the fall of 2011, Mayfield, a newly appointed legislator from Waukegan, participated in the Illinois Farm Bureau Adopt-A-Legislator program and visited her “adopted” farmers in Macoupin County.

     During that visit and a subsequent visit the next year, Mayfield rode in a combine during corn harvest, toured the rural countryside, visited a beef operation, and talked with farmers. “As a representative, you represent everyone in the state,” she said.

     In 2012, several Macoupin County farmers drove to Mayfield’s district in Lake County, the first time most of them had visited that diverse suburban district. Mayfield took them to a federal health care facility. The farmers talked about local issues with local government officials.

     Those relationships between farmers and urban legislators are at the heart of the Adopt-A-Legislator program. A new website, found at {} and a promotional video will help legislators and their staffs and Farm Bureau members learn more about the program.

     “The Adopt-A-Legislator website and video were developed to provide an easy overview of this unique program, show the benefits that come from these relationships between urban legislators and farmers, and explain why it is so important for our members to participate,” said Christina Nourie, IFB northeast legislative coordinator.

     Website information includes summaries and photos of events and a list of participating legislators.

     The newly produced video features footage from recent legislator and farmer tours and interviews with the participants who give insights on their experiences and the value of the program and the relationships that develop between urban legislators and “downstate” farmers.

     In addition, each county Farm Bureau will receive a copy of the video.