Incentives offered to switch irrigation engines to propane

Research has shown that propane-fueled irrigation engines cost up to 14% less to purchase and operate than diesel models.

Published on: Dec 28, 2012

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) is officially announcing the release of the Propane Farm Incentive Program, a nationwide research and demonstration initiative in which farmers can receive more than $4,000 for providing feedback and performance data on qualifying new propane-fueled irrigation engines. 

Under the program, participants receive a $400 incentive per liter of engine displacement, up to 10.3 liters or $4,120, toward the purchase of a new propane-fueled irrigation engine. Equipment must be new, original propane-fueled engines that have obtained the proper U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and/or California Air Resources Board Certification. 

Farmers interested in taking advantage of the incentive program can visit their local equipment dealer nationwide or submit an easy online application Feedback from the program’s participants will inform future product development.