Illinois' Katie Pratt named a 'Face of Farming & Ranching'

US Farmers & Ranchers Alliance selected Pratt as one of four winners of its Faces of Farming & Ranching program after a nationwide search that began last June. RFD Radio's Rita Frazer spoke with Pratt earlier this week.

Published on: Jan 22, 2013

Pratt and three other program winners were selected from a pool of more than 100 farmer and rancher applicants from across the country. As one of the Faces of Farming & Ranching, Pratt will share her stories and experiences on a national stage to help answer consumers' questions about how food is grown and raised. 

“With the technology that is available today, we can drive through a field on our tractor and know exactly what’s happening on a square foot of ground versus an entire 80-acre field, which allows us to focus on what we need to do to make that area better than it is today,” said Katie Pratt. “Fewer people are involved in farming than ever before, and as a result, we are discovering that conversations with consumers about farming are needed so that we understand their concerns, and they understand and are comfortable with the way food is grown and produced." 

Katie Pratt
Katie Pratt

Katie and her husband, Andy, are seventh-generation farmers and raise corn, soybeans and seed corn at Grand Prairie Farms. They welcome tour groups to their farm as part of a family tradition, which started back in the early 1970s when Andy’s grandfather hosted students from Chicago-area schools on his dairy farm. They currently farm in partnership with Andy’s family and have two children. 

During her tenure with the program, Katie will do the following: 

  • Before she starts serving as a spokesperson for USFRA, she and the other three “Faces” will travel to other farms around the United States to learn more about ag outside their communities/states.
  • USFRA plans a more aggressive “media outreach” effort in 2013, which will include trying to get each in front of consumer media as much as possible.
  • She will participate on behalf of USFRA in mid-March Ag Day activities in Washington, D.C.
  • In April, USFRA plans to have her and the other “Faces” meet with consumer media in New York City, including a dinner for prominent bloggers
  • She will participate in a conference for food bloggers in June.

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