Crop Tour: Illinois corn yield highly variable

The third day of the 2013 Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour concluded Wednesday with the release of official results from Illinois and western Iowa.

Published on: Aug 22, 2013
Illinois samples resulted in an average corn yield of 170.48 bu. per acre and an average soybean pod count of 1,115.97 in a 3'x'3 square.
Results from western Iowa were also released, which included crop districts 1, 4 and 7.  Final Iowa results will be released tonight, as well as results from Minnesota as both legs of the tour travel to Rochester, Minnesota.

The eastern leg traced a route from Bloomington, Illinois, to Iowa City, Iowa, and found a great deal of variability in the Illinois corn crop and more soybeans in need of rain.

"The Illinois corn yield came in 40.2% above year-ago and 15.3% above the three-year Tour average," said Pro Farmer's Brian Grete.  "The high variability alone will make it hard to build a big yield, in my opinion."

Departure from normal precipitation across the Corn Belt for August
Departure from normal precipitation across the Corn Belt for August

Some of the reasons for the poorer reports from scouts as they traveled through Illinois and parts of Iowa include delayed planting in less than ideal conditions. Other situations include very dry soils from a lack of moisture through the growing season.

Illinois soybean pod counts are up 18.2% from year-ago, but 2.9% below the three-year Crop Tour average.